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The Maison Normande basics
Household linen
A collection of household linen made of 100% French linen. Refined and made from high quality materials, this collection is tailored by local artisans. In limited edition and focused on ethical production.
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The Maison Normande basics
Bed linen
We are introducing a collection of timeless bed linens, inspired by the vintage life. Comfort and wellness were the key factors when creating this line. Close your eyes and let yourself be wrapped up by the softness of washed linen.
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The Maison Normande basics
The art of tableware
Rediscover a time when products set on the table were works of art, in harmony with nature.
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An artisanal know-how

Maison Normande is a family run business, offering an artisanal brand of linen and home accessories. Established in 2019 in Haute-Normandie, near Rouen.
Our collections are focused on the use of authentic linen and French craftsmanship.
With over 20 years of experience in the textile and high-end furnishing industry, we have created our brand so that it is intimately linked to well-being and happiness.
That's why we think and produce with our heart. We want our creations to provide a sense of comfort for your home. They are adapted to each of us by bringing satisfaction and a well-being in everyday life.

Top of the line collections

Inspired by traditional techniques, we believe in innovative practices and our will to create lively pieces from rich materials with modern and timeless cuts. Our creations are based on values of cohesion and durability.

We are very eager to take part in the reduction of our ecological footprint, by forming partnerships with local and regional artisans.

Our fabrics and accessories offer a very high quality both on our choices of natural materials and methods of productions by local companies.

Our collection

We want our creations to be able to tell a story, in the manner in which they were made, and how they bring life to interior spaces.

Our “Upcycling” line

In order to keep being respectful of the environment, we are putting all of our creativity and thoughts into the recycling of materials. We want to give items a second life and make them unique and quality products.